A downloadable game for Windows

*This is a prototype for the game Fist of Poseidon*

Link Here: https://sparked99.itch.io/fist-of-poseidon

Furz Boot is a 2d boat combat game where you control a highly maneuverable boat that is able to quickly shoot torpedoes to take out as many foes as possible before you meet your inevitable demise.

  • Embark into an arcade experience that is completely nautical.
  • Fight through endless amounts of enemies including.

-Machine Gunning Boats

-Ramming Speed Boats

-Bombing Warplanes

-Rapid firing Submarines

  • Chose your approach to combat by ramming through ,or shooting with your torpedoes.
  • Local high score system
  • enjoy limitless gameplay

Epilepsy warning: flashing occurs during this game proceed with caution.


Furz Boot.exe 2 MB


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Deleted post

Thank you for taking time to play and give feedback. The name is silly and is only a placeholder for this version of the game.

I see I need to communicate better what buttons are doing.

I will try to implement some system that will allow new players to get familiar with the controls. Perhaps some sort of leveling system?

As for it being too loud I will change the default volume to be lower.

Your video was very helpful for seeing what needs done and is very appreciated, thank you.