It's a right stab and left click -- its Worm Punchout !! Where you'll get the chance to compete against the biggest worms from around the room. Stab your way through limitless worms in your browser or download for windows. Survive long enough and meet a constant wave of enemies spawning, But you won't live that long.


Movement: WASD


Thank you for playing Worm Punchout! Please consider leaving feedback whether that be positive or negative. It helps me greatly and is deeply appreciated.


If the game is not running well in browser try downloading the windows version.


wormpunchout1.0.exe 2 MB
wormpunchout1.1.exe 2 MB


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It was difficult to get a game to last long enough to figure out what was going on - I think the difficulty needs a slower start! Some cute pixel graphics though (well, until all the blood splurted out of the character, that wasn't so cute I guess).